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Whether you’re looking to learn more about Michael Jaco, or are just a fan of his music, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you. One of the best is this website, which offers information on Michael Jaco’s career, his musical influences, and more.

Military service

Having a long and distinguished career as a Navy SEAL and CIA security officer, Michael Jaco has amassed a plethora of knowledge, skills and experiences. A jack of all trades, he has served in a number of far flung places, ranging from Afghanistan to Pakistan to the United States. His impressive list of accomplishments includes the creation of the first ever combat hand to hand fighting course. He also authored a book, created a YouTube channel, and launched a training organization. One of his most important roles was leading SEAL Team Six, which consisted of the requisite number of Navy Seals.

During his illustrious 24-year career, Michael Jaco was involved in a number of high-profile missions, some of which included Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Among his many achievements, his most memorable feat was assembling a top-secret training program to counter a potential terrorist attack. During this time, he was able to devise the tamer, most effective tactics to combat such threats.

Spiritual experiences

Getting spiritual experiences with Michael Jaco is a very powerful way to learn the truth about yourself and the world around you. This author, trainer and intuitive course creator is an ex-Navy Seal and has 35 years of experience in combat. He’s also a former CIA operative, which gives him a unique perspective. In addition to his extensive combat experience, he has also been a remote influencer for more than 20 years. He’s been teaching people how to connect to their intuition and master reality, and he’s been helping them unlock their power.

When Michael Jaco isn’t teaching others to tap into their own intuition and become a better person, he’s working in the field of diplomatic security in combat zones. He’s spent the past eleven years providing these services. He’s also an author and intuitive course creator, and he has a YouTube channel.

He’s got a pretty epic story to tell, too. His autobiography travels through the great wars of Egypt, Greece, and India.

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