Leveling Up Your Business Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI & SharePoint

Microsoft Power BI is an excellent analytic application that facilitates data extraction and knowledge sharing in the workplace.

The major way it boosts output is by providing visible progress right away. Business analytics in SharePoint without Power BI integration can be difficult. It’s inefficient and makes it hard to get precise information if you do it. It also doesn’t have visual reporting tools that would make tracking progress much simpler. Here at Code Creators Inc., we specialize in customizing Microsoft Power BI so that you may enjoy all its benefits.

Since Microsoft Office 365 is popular among businesses for data collecting, sales reports, and presentations. Moreover, the tool’s compatibility with these suites is a boon to all staff members. With this platform, businesses can monitor their development more comprehensively by employing interactive data visualizations.

Power BI Reports & Dashboards: Why Do We Need Them?

Data Fetching or Data Sourcing

It is possible that Power BI’s first and greatest problem will be obtaining data from a variety of sources.

Our Method: We have already used the APIs of numerous services to gather data in Power BI, including some that don’t officially support integration with Power BI.

(This is relevant only to API-supporting services.)

Verifying And Organizing Data

Power BI’s data validation is yet another potential stumbling block. For Power BI to make good use of the data, we need to ensure that it is properly structured. Problems with data retrieval following specifications may arise if the data structure does not match the needs of the application. Problems can arise when trying to use Excel to get data without first ensuring that the data is properly structured.

Our Method: We organize data so that Power BI users can immediately begin producing visualizations.

Crafted With Eye-Catching Design (Look & Feel of Reports)

In Microsoft Power BI, this is the most important aspect. To satisfy their clients, businesses must deliver visually appealing charts and reports that meet or exceed their expectations.

Our Method:  We take a pragmatic approach, having developed several Power BI charts with custom color schemes to suit the identities of individual businesses and their requirements.

Attractive charts can be made using a variety of chart types, including pie charts, bar charts, maps, donut charts, and several others.

Quick And Simple Filtering & Searching (Ease of Data Viewing)

The ability to easily filter the data is also a necessity.

Our Method: Our strategy revolves around making extensive use of various filters to facilitate simple access to a wide variety of information for the user.

Reloading Instantly on Its Own (Automatically Refreshing Charts)

One of the difficulties with using Power BI is the inability to automatically refresh data.

Our Method: Our method entails setting up a Power BI desktop to automatically refresh 8 times per day. However, you can choose to have Power BI Premium update its data once an hour.

Better Results with SharePoint & Power BI

All the benefits mentioned above are crucial to the field of business analytics. SharePoint and Power BI integration is available for all of them, but our services give you even more tools to use Power Bi to its full potential. When you partner with Code Creators Inc., we ensure you that we will precisely fetch and sort your data. Also, we guarantee tailoring the platform to your unique needs by including your business’s characteristics and preferences, such as a rapid refresh rate for up-to-the-minute reporting.

Send us a message if you have any further questions or if you are ready to begin boosting your business’s efficiency.

Whenever you need help with something related to business, we’ll be here to help.

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