Is 61-Year-Old Florida Man Married to Goddaughter Deja Haugabook?

When Florida man Michael Haugabook married his goddaughter, Deja Haugabook, there were some people who were not happy about it. They thought that the man was too old to marry a woman, and that he was marrying her to get her to join him in his church. In fact, Mike Haugabook is 61 years old and he compares himself to the great man, Jesus Christ.

Michael Haugabook’s age is 61

Considering the recent news regarding Michael Haugabook’s arrest for a DUI, there are a lot of questions swirling around the 61 year old’s age. This question has been raised as a result of several media reports and social media posts that claim the Florida man is in his forties.

In all fairness, the 61-year-old isn’t exactly young but he has had a long and illustrious career. He is also the father of four children from his various relationships. One is the couple’s two-year-old daughter. The other three are his own kids. He has been grooming his daughter, Deja, since her days as a baby.

There is much debate over the most appropriate way to say this. Considering the fact that he and his daughter have been together for over a year, it’s safe to say that they are not in a rush to end their relationship. However, the couple has made it clear that they are building a brand off of the situation. They have also launched an Instagram account and a YouTube channel.

The couple has also taken to social media to stoke the fires of controversy. The couple has been accused of being overly sexual and not being transparent in their dealings. The couple has also been accused of faking their marriage in order to avoid paying child support. The controversy has even reached a fever pitch on Twitter.

Mike Haugabook compared himself to Jesus

Michael Haugabook is an American man who married his 18-year-old goddaughter. He reportedly dated her mother, Davina Evans, before the wedding. But this marriage is causing quite a stir.

Mike Haugabook is a father of two children, a toddler and a two-year-old. He’s also the founder of a nightclub called Club Uno. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He’s a jack of all trades, having studied Computer Engineering. He’s usually spotted with an expensive car in his garage.

As for Mike’s wedding, it was a private affair in Florida. His fiancee, Deja, was not present to see him off. She was in Baltimore, Maryland at the time. She had previously been a victim of online bullying and lived in a crazed home. She claims her alleged husband made inappropriate advances towards her. Sadly for her, she does not have a supportive mother.

During the ceremony, he reportedly used a Bible passage pertaining to Jesus to demonstrate the significance of their wedding. He said he would raise four children with his fiancee. He did not, however, mention why he decided to do so.

On social media, he has received a lot of criticism for the improbable marriage. Several users have taken to Twitter to criticize his decision.

Deja Haugabook defends her husband/godfather

Deja Haugabook has been fighting back against the criticism of her marriage to Michael Haugabook. She has been taking to social media to express her feelings and to defend herself. She has also posted videos on her Facebook page asking people to mind their business and stop calling her husband a predator. Despite her age, she has said she has grown a lot and is happy with her marriage.

While many have been moved by their story, others have also questioned why the man hasn’t been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing Deja. The mother of the child, Davina Evans, reacted with outrage to her daughter’s marriage. She claims that her daughter was born to a drug addict and lost her life to addiction at a young age.

After Deja and Michael were married last year, the pair have become popular on social media. They have even opened an Instagram account. They have also posted photos of their wedding.

However, critics have been very vocal about their opinions. One user even called Deja “a victim.” Another user said that Deja has made it clear that she doesn’t care about what other people think. Moreover, many users on Twitter took the opportunity to express their thoughts.

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