4 Benefits of using a mobile network self-service app in 2023

A mobile network is a wireless network that allows devices to connect to the internet and communicate with each other using cellular technology to make calls, send text messages, and access other services. Since Mobile networks are an essential part of modern communication and are used by billions of people around the world, there is a need for users to have a self-service portal or care app for faster engagement with products and services.

In this article, we will take a look at the 4 benefits of using a mobile network self-care app.

If your network operator or internet service provider is Verizon, T-mobile, MTN, Airtel or any other Internet service provider, these advantages mentioned here are essential for you to have a self-care app.

What is a Mobile Network Self Service App

A mobile network self-service app is a type of mobile application that allows users to manage their accounts and services with a mobile network provider. These apps typically provide a range of features, such as the ability to view account information and billing history, pay bills, manage data usage, and access customer support. Mobile network self-service apps can be a convenient way for users to manage their accounts and services without having to call or visit a mobile network provider’s store or website. These apps may also provide additional features and services, such as the ability to check network coverage and availability in a particular area, or access special offers and promotions.

The benefit of Mobile Network Self-Service App.

1. Account Management

When you have the self-service app of your internet service provider, it will be easy for you to view your account information and usage history such as subscription and recharge details. calls, messages, and data usage details. Without the self-service app, some of this information might require additional efforts like visiting the ISP store to get them.

2. Access to Products and Services with ease.

Mobile networks offer basic service like airtime recharge and data bundle purchase, in addition, most ISPs also offers eshopping  for electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops which customers can easily purchase within the self-service app

3. Discounted Offers and bonuses.

Most ISP offers special promotion or deal that provides a reduced price for a product or service and can take many different forms and may be available for a limited time or regularly. These advantages are mostly key  into self-service only. for many ISP, it includes, free data and airtime bonuses, cheap data, and voice bundle subscriptions. For example, MTN SA offers 1GB of data to download its self-service app. Similarly MTN NG offers discounted data and Voice promotion only on  its myMTN App.

4. Convenience & Security

Another advantage of the Mobile Network self-service App is that it is available on a wide range of devices. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a large number of users. This means that users can access the app on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, making it easy to manage their accounts and access services on the go without visiting any physical store or calling customer care.

In Addition, Since ISP also deals with the personal information of customers, The apps use advanced encryption technology to protect users’ personal information, ensuring that their data is safe from hackers and other cyber threats. This means that users can trust the app to keep their information safe and secure, giving them peace of mind when using the app.


As a mobile phone user, the self-service app of your network provider is an essential app to have installed on your device to have ease of access to products and services anytime.

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